Defend Louisiana Wildlife from Budget Cuts

Progress: 57%
Progress: 57%
Alerts Taken: 85     Goal: 150

Louisiana loses a football field of wetlands every hour—jeopardizing fish nurseries and coastal wildlife. The state’s Coastal Master Plan to restore habitats and protect communities depends on a variety of funding sources including the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA) that President Trump recently proposed to eliminate.

Under the law, Louisiana would receive a percentage of GOMESA revenue generated from oil and gas activities in the waters off the State’s coast–-revenue that was expected to reach more than a hundred million dollars each year!

Every dollar of that revenue was dedicated to protect and restore coastal Louisiana under the State’s constitution. The President’s proposed budget could have a devastating effect on the people and wildlife that depend on Louisiana’s coast.

The federal government needs to keep its commitments to Louisiana. Urge your legislators to protect coastal restoration funding!

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