Take the Pledge to Support Pollinators

Progress: 84%
Progress: 84%
Alerts Taken: 843     Goal: 1000

This week is National Pollinator Week, and we’re working with partners across the country to raise awareness of the plight our pollinators face and what steps we can take to support them.

You can help bees, butterflies, wasps, beetles, hummingbirds and other pollinators! Add your name today and pledge to take action to support pollinators and pollinator friendly policies!


I pledge to support pollinators.

Dear NWF Action Team,

I'm pledging today to support pollinators and pollinator friendly policies. Whether it's planting pollinator-friendly native plants, avoiding the use of pesticides in my yard, or urging local and national officials to stop the use of harmful pesticides in our communities, there's a lot I can do to help pollinators today.

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