Defend Bald Eagle Habitat along the Mississippi River

Bald Eagle
Progress: 55%
Progress: 55%
Alerts Taken: 11046     Goal: 20000

Bald eagles’ habitat along the Middle Mississippi River is jeopardized by ongoing mismanagement of the river by the Army Corps, including construction of enormous structures in the river.

The Army Corps has already constructed more than 1.5 miles of river structures for each mile of the middle Mississippi River, including more than 380 enormous structures in just the last 30 years—harming the fisheries and habitat essential to bald eagles and many other wildlife species. The Corps now wants to put another 4.4 million tons of rock structures in the river, destroying a minimum of 1,100 additional acres of critical border channel habitat and increasing flood risks for river communities.

The Corps is accepting comments on this proposed project only until June 27th - please urge them to take a thorough, scientific look at the impacts of their river construction projects and adopt alternative methods that will protect wildlife and people.


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