Protect wildlife: speak out to address the threat of megafires.

Progress: 79%
Progress: 79%
Alerts Taken: 31764     Goal: 40000

The threat of giant megafires is growing—resulting in tragedies for wildlife and communities. Last year was one of the most active years for U.S. wildfires on record, with over 9 million acres burned.

Vulnerable wildlife—including elusive Pacific fisher that depend on forest cover—need our help as this threat continues to grow. Congress has the power to ensure federal agencies have the funds they need to fight and prevent catastrophic forest fires while stewarding our forests to benefit wildlife habitat. This stewardship includes the need for restoring landscapes. The U.S. Forest Service estimates more than 60 million acres are in need of restoration just on lands within the national forest and grassland system.

Tell Congress to pass the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act (H.R. 2862, S. 1842).

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