Protect Polar Bears from Drilling

Polar bears
Progress: 94%
Progress: 94%
Alerts Taken: 23493     Goal: 25000

A backroom deal added a provision into the tax bill to allow oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—threatening polar bear denning areas along with habitat for caribou, muskoxen, grizzly bears and migratory birds.

Drilling would have permanent impacts on the Refuge and all the wildlife that live there. In contrast, the revenues generated will be insignificant. There are plenty of other places already open for drilling with existing infrastructures in place for development. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife refuge first and foremost, not a petroleum reserve, and should be fully protected.

Urge your members of Congress to stand up for polar bears and their young by saying NO to oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and opposing the tax bill that allows it. Please act now, before it’s too late!

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