Restore Our Coasts’ Natural Areas

key deer
Progress: 68%
Progress: 68%
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Our hearts go out to the many people who are still recovering from this summer’s devastating hurricanes. We are also tracking wildlife impacts, like Florida’s Key deer whose watering holes were swamped with saltwater from storm surge, requiring locals to set out water dishes for wildlife.

As these storms become more severe, we will need to reexamine how we protect our coastlines. One protection method is already proving its value. Restoring natural features like oyster reefs, wetlands and floodplains has been shown to significantly reduce storm surge while also providing important habitat to wildlife.

Unfortunately, decades of short-sighted federal policies have allowed development and other projects to damage natural areas, like the Everglades—jeopardizing communities as the ecosystems collapse. It’s time to reverse this course and restore our coastal ecosystems like wetlands and reefs that provide natural protection from the onslaught of hurricanes.

Right now, Congress is determining its next disaster relief package. Urge them to invest in restoring coastal areas, like the Everglades, that will serve as important storm protection and provide critical habitat for wildlife.

Take Action! Urge your legislators to fight for disaster relief legislation that prioritizes restoring natural coastline defenses and America’s Everglades.

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