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Monumental Value to the Sporting Community


National monuments help safeguard our sporting heritage by conserving large, intact landscapes that are home to our most sought after game species. We need our leaders to understand that hunters and anglers won’t stand idly by while unprecedented attacks on national monuments continue.

Used by every president since Theodore Roosevelt, the Antiquities Act is a keystone conservation tool that protects some of America’s finest landscapes -our national monuments. Undoing, degrading, or shrinking national monuments flies in the face of our rich conservation heritage. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the president has done, and now some members of Congress have launched their own assault on our public lands.

Habitat protections provided by national monument designations ensure these lands and waters are conserved for fish, wildlife, and all Americans to enjoy for generations to come.

The sporting community and the fish and wildlife that call these monuments home deserve better. Speak out to KEEP our national monuments and our nation’s conservation heritage intact! Tell your members of Congress to step up for public lands today.


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