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Progress: 46%
Progress: 46%
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Working together, let’s all tell our Favorite Brands and Retailers that we Demand Products Made without Habitat Destruction!

As our global population rises, the demand for everyday goods has put pressure on wildlife habitats. Large areas of forests are being cut, burned and cleared to make way for agriculture, which is threatening the survival of many beloved species. Deforestation of unique tropical habitats, like the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado savannah in Brazil, has led to the decline of many vulnerable species, including the jaguar.

Companies understand the importance of consumer demand. You, as the consumer, can make the difference!

When you demand that your favorite brands only provide “zero-deforestation” products, they will do it, and you will be helping to protect the jaguar.

By signing this pledge, you are letting us know that you’d like to receive updates on how to actively engage with companies. We will provide you with actions that you can take to help protect forests and unique species like the jaguar.

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