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Progress: 3%
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A swift and responsible transition to clean sources of energy is essential to protecting wildlife, habitat, and communities from the impacts of climate change. The Atlantic Ocean is home to vast offshore wind energy potential—enough to replace fossil fuel-fired power plants all along the coast. The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is considering identifying and leasing new areas for wind energy—so we need to send a loud and clear message that we support the responsible development of wind power in the Atlantic!

The National Wildlife Federation works closely with offshore wind developers, government officials, and conservation partners to ensure that the highest standards of wildlife protection are in place throughout every phase of the process as offshore wind power moves forward.

Please add your name below to express support for responsibly developed offshore wind power in the Atlantic Ocean—including the careful protection of marine and coastal wildlife every step of the way.

I support Atlantic offshore wind power!

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I support the development of offshore wind power in the Atlantic Ocean with stringent protections for vulnerable wildlife like the endangered North Atlantic right whale in place throughout every stage of the process. We have vast clean energy potential in our federal waters, and it is time to embrace the environmental and economic benefits it has to offer. Harnessing even a small fraction of this home-grown resource could create thousands of high-quality American jobs, decrease our reliance on imported energy, improve local air and water quality, and substantially decrease climate-disrupting carbon pollution. Responsible offshore wind development means utilizing the best available data and stakeholder input to avoid siting projects in important habitat areas, and ensuring strong environmental protection requirements are in place as projects are constructed and operated. I appreciate and support the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's work to evaluate, identify, and lease new areas for responsible wind energy development in the Atlantic, with the highest standards of wildlife protection employed every step of the way.

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