Speak Out to Safeguard Reddish Egret Coastal Habitat

Progress: 76%
Progress: 76%
Alerts Taken: 11326     Goal: 15000

What if protecting and restoring coastal habitats for stunning species like the reddish egret also helped keep people and communities safe from flooding during severe storms?

Congress has the power to do this by reforming the National Flood Insurance Program, but it must act before the program expires next month.

Unfortunately, decades of federal policies have led to increased development and damage to the beaches, wetlands and other natural coastal and inland areas that provide buffers during storm surges—reducing their ability to protect communities and wildlife in a world where storms like those we saw last year are becoming the new normal.

Help restore and safeguard the coastal and river habitats wildlife like reddish egrets must have to survive and thrive—and communities near our coasts and rivers need during severe storms. Tell your members of Congress to support reauthorizing and reforming the National Flood Insurance Program before July 31st to protect wildlife habitat, people and communities.

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