Fight the Wildlife "Zombie" Disease!

Deer and Fawn
Progress: 112%
Progress: 112%
Alerts Taken: 22415     Goal: 20000

A fatal, incurable wildlife disease is turning deer, elk, and even massive moose into wandering, listless, zombie like versions of themselves.

Chronic wasting disease has been around for a few decades, but has recently started to spread rapidly—including new cases just reported in white-tailed deer raised on captive breeding farms.

Animals suffering from chronic wasting disease literally waste away and suffer stumbling, listlessness, drooling and other neurological symptoms before they die. With no known cure, the disease is always fatal. Preventing its spread is the only way to contain it.

Please speak out for wild deer, moose and elk: urge your representative and senators to support the Chronic Wasting Disease management acts.

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