Help Endangered Wildlife in South Florida

Progress: 118%
Progress: 118%
Alerts Taken: 1178     Goal: 1000

Unfortunately, for much of Florida, summer has come to mean harmful algae outbreaks that slime beaches, clog boat engines and harm fish and wildlife.

At the same time, the Everglades is starving for fresh, clean water—threatening the home of many endangered species like the Florida Panther and the Everglades snail kite.

There is one solution to both problems—to store, clean, and send water south as it once flowed to Everglades National Park and Florida Bay where it is desperately needed.

Releasing clean water south is a critical component to getting the Everglades off life support and safeguarding Florida’s outdoor heritage. The Everglades Agricultural Area storage reservoir is a big step in that direction.

Send a message to the Army Corps of Engineers to show your support for returning the historical water flow to the Everglades.

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