Turn the Tide for Red Wolves in the Wild

Red wolf
Progress: 10%
Progress: 10%
Alerts Taken: 50     Goal: 500

We just can’t let another species go extinct, and it is right down to the wire for red wolves in the wild.

Since their reintroduction in the 1980’s, red wolves have faced a long road to recovery—and now there are fewer than 40 wild red wolves, all in North Carolina. Habitat loss, vehicle collision, gunshot mortality, and interbreeding with coyotes are constant threats to these remaining red wolves.

Now the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service intends to scale back red wolf recovery efforts by focusing on captive breeding as the primary solution and limiting those red wolves remaining in the wild to the borders of Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge and the Dare County Bombing Range. Any wolves that leave this dramatically reduced habitat range will have zero protections under the new proposal. If a red wolf crosses onto private property it can be captured, harassed, or even killed.

Please take action right now: urge your Representative in Congress to do all he can to help save red wolves.

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