Take Action: Last chance to save the sage-grouse!

Sage Grouse
Progress: 61%
Progress: 61%
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We only have only a few days left to make sure the Department of Interior does not derail plans to conserve the greater sage-grouse and the sagebrush ecosystem. Sage lands once covered 153 million acres across the valleys, mountains and grasslands that define the American West. Today, the sagebrush ecosystem is shrinking and greater sage-grouse populations have plummeted.

In 2015 Westerners put aside differences to come to the table to keep the greater sage-grouse off of the U.S. endangered species list. The effort brought together conservationists, biologists, ranchers, sportsmen and women, business owners and even the oil and gas industry. Now the Department of Interior is considering drastically altering the plans, putting the fate of the greater sage-grouse and 350 species including elk, mule deer and golden eagles in jeopardy.

Send a message to the Department of the Interior before the August 2nd deadline, opposing plans to rollback protections for the sage-grouse and the sagebrush ecosystem.

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