Protect Louisiana Black Bears: Don’t Let the White House Silence Your Voice

Black Bear
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Progress: 90%
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Providing an opportunity for the American people to voice their concerns is the key to ensuring major federal actions, like building dams or highways, don’t harm wildlife. For fifty years, the magna carta of environmental laws—the National Environmental Policy Act—has done just that.

The environmentally-disastrous Yazoo Pumps Project was halted as public comments, from across the country, poured in to protect wildlife like the Louisiana black bear. Now, the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality is seeking to weaken the robust rules that ensure federal agencies must listen to the public and consider wildlife impact before acting. Without these rules, thousands of habitat-destroying projects like the Yazoo Pumps could be greenlit without the public being heard.

Tell the Trump Administration to keep public advice as part of federal decision making and ensure the voices of wildlife champions like you are not silenced!

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