Protect meadowlark’s prairie habitat and say NO to conservation cuts!

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Progress: 1%
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Over 90 percent of the remaining native prairies across the country have been converted to cropland — destroying much of the habitat that the western meadowlark depends on. Although conservation programs in the Farm Bill help safeguard the wildlife habitat that remains, these vital conservation provisions that western meadowlark rely on expire in September!

As Congress seeks to pass a new Farm Bill, The House of Representatives has proposed a version that contains steep cuts to conservation that will undoubtedly harm wildlife like the western meadowlark.

Although the Senate has sought to maintain wildlife conservation funding, there is a chance that the House’s $800 million cut to conservation programs could get adopted.

We cannot let this happen. Join us and urge your legislators to a draft a wildlife-friendly Farm Bill with strong conservation programs for prairie wildlife!

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