Speak Out for Puffins

Progress: 23%
Progress: 23%
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Herring are an incredibly important source of food for puffin, humpback whales, osprey, porpoises and many other species. Evidence is mounting, however, that their populations in the Atlantic are shrinking rapidly, and may be in critical condition.

The New England Fisheries Management Council is considering an update to their Atlantic herring management plan, and it could not come at a better time for the puffin that feed on them. Two changes could help reduce the worrisome decline of herring: banning within 50 miles of shore midwater trawlers that leave local-near shore ecosystems devoid of herring, and managing a portion of the herring population to benefit wildlife like puffins that feed on them.

Your local environmental agency appoints commissioners to the New England Fisheries Management Council. Speak out for puffin by asking your local state agency to ensure their commissioners support conservation of herring next month.

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