Protect Wildlife from the One Lake Project in Mississippi

Progress: 86%
Progress: 86%
Alerts Taken: 2142     Goal: 2500

Humans have had a profound impact on river ecosystems throughout the U.S. In the south, many upriver activities not only affect the health of local fish and wildlife, but cause problems all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Right now, the One Lake dam and waterfront development scheme in central Mississippi will destroy important habitat for migratory birds and threaten at-risk wildlife throughout the watershed.

The special interests pushing for this lucrative deal have attempted to sell this project as flood protection while undermining federal planning processes designed to reduce environmental impacts. Highly effective and environmentally safe ways to protect communities from flooding have been ignored in the planning process.

Send a message to the Army Corps of Engineers that you oppose this development deal and support real flood protection that won’t harm wildlife.

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