Say YES to Moose and NO to a Pro-Coal Plan

Progress: 105%
Progress: 105%
Alerts Taken: 15825     Goal: 15000

Our changing climate poses an unprecedented threat to all wildlife. Species such as moose with no natural resistance to ticks are increasingly threatened by the warmer winters that allow ticks to live longer and spread farther north.

Three years ago, the finalization of the Clean Power Plan marked a substantial advance in the fight against climate change, placing sensible limits on wildlife-threatening carbon pollution from power plants, including coal-fired plants.

Now, the Trump Administration is proposing to weaken climate and air pollution controls for coal-fired power plants. This proposal will not address the threat of climate change, but instead opens the doors for coal companies to burn more coal at the expense of people and wildlife!

Please speak out for all climate change-susceptible wildlife by telling the Environmental Protection Agency to implement the original Clean Power Plan, and toss the pro-coal plan.

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