Stand up for river otters—they deserve a healthy Delaware River

Progress: 9%
Progress: 9%
Alerts Taken: 1301     Goal: 15000

More than 15 million people and countless wildlife depend on the Delaware River for clean, reliable drinking water and healthy habitat. However, the Delaware is threatened by sprawl, polluted runoff, and flooding—and if these problems aren’t addressed, water quality will continue to be threatened and species such as the North American river otter could be pushed out of their aquatic homes.

We can restore the Delaware River and protect it for the families, businesses, and species that call the river and its surrounding creeks and streams home. But it's going to take all four governors of the Delaware River Basin states (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) coming together to create a new vision and commit to a plan to keep the Delaware healthy and clean.

Fortunately, our governors made protecting our parks and streams a priority. Sign the petition to urge your governor to take the next step and stand with our neighboring states to protect the Delaware River watershed so otters and all wildlife that depend on it can thrive.

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