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Sage Grouse
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Progress: 89%
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The U.S. Forest Service is considering undoing plans to protect sage grouse on millions of acres of forest lands, flying in the face of years of work to create collaborative plans to conserve the greater sage-grouse and the sagebrush sea.

Saving the sage grouse and the sagebrush sea isn’t just about a chicken sized bird with spiky tail feathers and an unforgettable mating dance. It’s about saving over 350 plant and wildlife species that rely on a healthy sagebrush ecosystem. It’s about saving the largest land based ecosystem remaining in the United States. And it’s about saving the future of collaborative conservation efforts.

Without your voice the Trump administration will look to make it easier to develop these sagebrush lands, opening previously protected areas to oil and gas development, grazing, mining and other activities.

Time is running out for greater sage-grouse and our only sagebrush sea. Please urge the Forest Service to keep sage grouse plans intact!

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