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Take Action to Protect the Great Lakes from Asian Carp

Asian carp

The Great Lakes region boasts more than the iconic big lakes; the rivers, streams, and inland lakes, big and small, define our way of life from southern Ohio to northern Minnesota and everywhere in between. Asian carp are already devastating waters and wildlife habitat connected to the Mississippi River. This invasive species will also certainly undermine the fisheries of the Great Lakes and their connected waters if they’re allowed access to Lake Michigan.

The Army Corps of Engineers is in the final stages of a plan to stop Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes. This plan will add a gauntlet of barriers on the Brandon Road Lock & Dam south of Chicago while still allowing navigation. This is the best opportunity to put these roadblocks in place because if Asian carp get into the Great Lakes, there’s no getting them out.

Please tell the Army Corps of Engineers you support the plan to stop Asian carp.


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