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Senate Votes on the Climate Security Act!

Thanks to thousands of wildlife champions like you, Senate offices were flooded with emails urging them to vote YES to the Climate Security Act.

Unfortunately, on June 6, the Climate Security Act fell short of the votes needed to keep the bill alive in the U.S. Senate, pushing debate on climate action to next year for a new Congress and president. The Climate Security Act would have made great strides in addressing the threat of global warming and helping to protect wildlife and America's natural resources.

Find out how your senator voted and hold them accountable!

Thanks again for your help. Stay tuned to the Climate Action Center to find out how things are shaping up for Congressional global warming action.

Also, if you would like to support the National Wildlife Federation's work holding senators accountable for this vote and for our other work to protect wildlife, please consider making a small donation.

Brown Bear. Photo by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service