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Thanks for Speaking up for a Wildlife-Friendly Budget

The budget committees in the House and Senate passed budget resolutions with money set aside to cap global warming pollution and fully fund President Obama's $475 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. These funds will help protect wildlife from the effects of a warming world, and restore aquatic ecosystems that have been threatened by pollution and rising temperatures.

Want more details?

The House resolution contains language for a deficit-neutral reserve fund that broadly calls for Congress to provide tax incentives for renewable energy, encourage investment in a clean energy future, and limit and reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, the Senate included a provision to restore other aquatic ecosystems in coastal Louisiana, the Chesapeake Bay and the Everglades.

Congress is already busy drafting comprehensive climate and energy legislation. By passing a wildlife-friendly budget, our officials have set the stage for cap on global warming pollution that invests in our natural world.

Thanks for all you're doing.

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Brown Bear. Photo by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service