• Protect Browns Canyon for Bobcats

    ​​​Browns Canyon is a spectacular stretch of mountain ridges and winding valleys.

    ​​​Urge President Obama to designate Browns Canyon as a national monument and permanently protect the vast public lands from mining..

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  • Speak up for Mountain Lions

    ​​​In and around the Santa Monica Mountains in southern California, mountain lions attempting to cross heavily trafficked freeways that cut through their habitat are at risk.

    ​​​Help mountain lions and other wildlife who make their home in the Santa Monica Mountains by urging the DoT to support the creation of a wildlife crossing.

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  • Protect Dolphins from Oil

    Dolphins in areas of the Gulf hit by the BP oil spill are still suffering.

    Help dolphins in the Gulf by urging the Department of Commerce to hold BP fully accountable for the BP oil spill.

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  • Defend Caribou Against Tar Sands

    The survival of thousands of woodland caribou in Alberta, Canada is at stake.

    Help protect caribou and many more at-risk wildlife by sending a message urging President Obama and Secretary Kerry to say no to the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline.

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