• Help Stop the Destruction of Monarch Habitat

    ​​​Native grasslands that monarch butterflies depend on for milkweed and nectar plants are rapidly disappearing.

    ​​​Help monarch butterflies survive by editing and sending a message to the Environmental Protection Agency, urging protection of native grasslands

    Help Monarch Butterflies Take Action.
  • Help Give River Otters Clean Water

    ​​​River otters need healthy headwater wetlands and streams to filter pollution out of the waters that flow into the rivers where they live.

    ​​​Help protect river otters--edit and send your message of support for healthy wetlands to your members of Congress.

    River Otter Take Action.
  • Protect Dolphins from Oil

    Dolphins in areas of the Gulf hit by the BP oil spill are still suffering.

    Help dolphins in the Gulf by urging the Department of Commerce to hold BP fully accountable for the BP oil spill.

    dolphinTake Action.
  • Orca and Sacred Waters at Risk

    The Lummi Nation’s sacred waters are under threat by a proposal to build a massive coal export terminal in the heart of Cherry Point, wreaking havoc on critical salmon habitat and the endangered orca.

    Urge your members of Congress to step in to the coastal waters and habitats of the Lummi Nation’s ancestral lands.

    OrcaTake Action.


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