• Save Wild, Public Lands

    Between 2013 and 2016, members of Congress filed at least 44 bills or amendments that attempted to remove or undercut protections. For wildlife that is 44 times too many.

    Pledge to protect our wild, public lands for fish, wildlife and generations to come and ask our political leaders and candidates to do the same.

    Bison photo by Forest Redding, JrTake Action.
  • Get to Work for Wildlife

    Speak out to make wildlife conservation a priority by asking your Representative to commit to supporting new legislation.

    Tell Congress to support the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

    Bald Eagle photo by Donna TorresTake Action.
  • Stop Destroying Egret Habitat

    A new project would destroy more than 50,000 acres of life-giving wetlands that great egrets and countless other wildlife depend on!

    Tell the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to veto the New Madrid Levee project.

    Egret photo by Diane BinnieTake Action.
  • Speak Out for Mountain Lions

    ​​​In California, mountain lions attempting to cross heavily trafficked freeways that cut through their habitat are at risk.

    Help mountain lions and other wildlife who make their home in California's Santa Monica Mountains by adding your name in support of a wildlife crossing.

    Mountain Lion Take Action.


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