• Protect Polar Bears from Drilling

    Urge your members of Congress to stand up for polar bears and their young by opposing oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

    Help protect 2,300 square miles of untouched Arctic habitat.

    Polar bear and cub photo © Andre Anita/123RF.comTake Action.
  • Side With Moose for Climate Action

    Climate change is impacting wildlife from majestic moose to tiny pika. Speak out to stop the repeal of climate-fighting measures.

    Speak out to stop the repeal of climate-fighting measures.

    Bull Moose photo via PixabayTake Action.
  • Reject Actions That Harm Wildlife

    Don't let wild public lands be turned over to the oil and gas industry.

    Tell President Trump to say NO to more coal mining, unwise logging, and commercial fishing in national monument lands and waters.

    Desert bighorn sheep lambs photo by Kelly LyonTake Action.
  • Sign for Wild Bison

    Sign the petition to support restoring thousands of wild bison to millions of acres of native prairie habitat on tribal lands.

    Help bring bison back to their ancestral home on tribal lands.

    Bison and calf photo by Garrit Voggesser Take Action.


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