Our Mission

Bald Eagle photo by Don Getty

The Action Center


The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund's Action Center provides America's wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts, environmental advocates, and concerned citizens with the tools and resources they need to hold their elected officials accountable to protecting wildlife for our children's future.

The Action Center makes getting involved with wildlife advocacy easy and effective by providing you with quick and clever ways to make sure your decision makers hear your call for solutions that protect and restore our natural world.

Grassroots action matters - and you can make a huge difference for wildlife and future generations by taking action with NWF Action Fund.

NWF Action Fund


The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund works to raise the visibility of key conservation issues with voters and elected officials. Through grassroots action and focused legislative campaigns, the NWF Action Fund advocates for wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life and political stripes to ensure they have a voice in the democratic process.

We advocate for climate solutions, natural resource protection, wildlife conservation and outdoor education to meet our top goals of confronting global warming, protecting wildlife habitats and connecting people with nature.