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NWF Action Fund is a 501 (c)(4) organization that works to raise the visibility of key conservation issues like global warming with voters and elected officials.

Like its sister organization, the National Wildlife Federation, NWF Action Fund is committed to inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.

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NWF Action Fund Endorses Rob Quist for Congress
The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund has endorsed Rob Quist for Congress in Montana's special election on May 25

House Challenger Carroll Supports Public Lands Principles
Morgan Carroll, Challenger in 6th District, Endorses Keeping Public Lands Public

House Candidate Schwartz Commits to Support of Public Lands
National Wildlife Federation Seeks Bipartisan Endorsement of Keeping Public Lands Public

NWF Action Fund Endorses Rep. Frank LoBiondo for Re-Election
The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund has endorsed Rep. Frank LoBiondo for re-election in New Jersey's 2nd Congressional district.

Clinton to Sportsmen's Groups: We Must Protect America's Public Lands
Trump, Johnson, Stein Also Invited to Commit to Public Lands Protection

NWF Action Fund Asks Presidential Candidates to Save NH's Moose
"Moose are just one of America's iconic wildlife species being impacted by climate change, from mule deer and bighorn sheep to salmon and brook trout. Climate concern is especially strong among sportsmen, who've experienced changes for years in the places they love to hunt and fish." said Collin O'Mara, President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund.

National Wildlife Federation Action Fund Endorses Tom Wolf for Pennsylvania Governor
"Tom Wolf understands the concerns of Pennsylvania's sportsmen, fighting to conserve our wildlife and wild places, expand outdoor recreation, protect our clean water and air, and confront climate change," said Collin O'Mara, board member of the NWF Action Fund president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, the Action Fund's 501(c)3 sister organization. "Gov. Corbett's administration has weakened protections for our national resources and has repeatedly putting special interests ahead of Pennsylvania's wildlife and public health. Tom Wolf would truly be a fresh start for all Pennsylvanians who love the outdoors."

NWF Action Fund Endorses Rep. Frank LoBiondo for Re-Election
"Throughout his time in Congress, Frank LoBiondo has been an independent voice for conservation and wildlife protection. He's a leader in efforts to protect the Delaware River Basin, maintain clean water safeguards, and cut industrial carbon pollution by investing in clean energy like offshore wind," said O'Mara. "Rep. LoBiondo knows that protecting America's wildlife and outdoor heritage isn't a partisan issue. It's a deeply held mainstream value for which there need to be pro-conservation voices in both parties."

NWF Action Fund Endorses Sen. Kay Hagan for Re-Election
"Senator Hagan understands the vital connection between the health of North Carolina's natural resources and the health of its economy," said Andy Buchsbaum, interim executive director of the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund.

NWF Action Fund Endorses Gary Peters for U.S. Senate
"Gary Peters is a proven leader for conservation for Michigan and across the nation, combining a passion for the Great Lakes and Michigan's land and water with a common-sense pragmatism that gets things done."

NWF Action Fund Endorses Sen. Mark Udall for Re-Election
"Senator Udall is a champion for America's outdoor heritage, fighting to protect Colorado's drinking water, conserve wildlife and public lands, and confront climate change," said NWF Action Fund Interim Executive Director Andy Buchsbaum.

NWF Action Fund Endorses Sen. Susan Collins for Re-Election
"Senator Collins isn't afraid to cross party lines to take a stand for hunters and anglers, fighting to protect Maine's air and water from industrial mercury pollution," said Curtis Fisher, senior adviser to the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund.

Climate Action Trumps Science Denial in Virginia Governor's Race
Terry McAuliffe, who supports Environmental Protection Agency carbon pollution limits and was endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, defeated avowed climate science denier Ken Cuccinelli on Tuesday in Virginia's election for governor.

NWF Action Fund Congratulates Senator-Elect Ed Markey
Ed Markey, endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund

NWF Action Fund Welcomes Andy Buchsbaum as Interim Executive Director
Coming off of an election cycle that saw its bipartisan slate of 18 endorsed candidates win every single one of their races, National Wildlife Federation Action Fund has named Andy Buchsbaum as interim executive director.

Poll: In Address to Sportsmen Paul Ryan Should Speak to The Real Concerns of America's Hunters And Anglers
He may be a bow hunter, but the GOP Vice Presidential nominee has so far said little about the conservation priorities of America's hunters and anglers.

Big Step Forward in Protecting Alaska's Caribou
New strategic plan will manage Alaska's 22 million-acre Western Arctic Reserve.

New Report: Big Coal's Plans Put Northwest Wildlife at Risk
A new National Wildlife Federation report concludes that a massive buildup of U.S. coal exports through the Pacific Northwest would cause serious environmental degradation to the region's natural resources.

Moose Swims His Escape From Wildfires
A 700 pound male moose swam across the Horsetooth Reservoir that separates the mountains from Fort Collins, Colorado, as he fled wildfires--only to meet highly populated areas and warmer temperatures in the lower elevation city.

Swift Action Needed for Swift Foxes
Just two weeks left to urge the U.S. State Department to conduct a thorough review of the Keystone XL pipeline that reveals the unacceptable impacts to swift foxes!

Fight Continues for the Western Meadowlarks
U.S. House Agriculture Committee passes a Farm Bill that includes subsidies that reward people for destroying wetlands and causing soil erosion.

Science Teacher Speaks Up For Sea Turtles
Carol Craig is advocating for sea turtles locally by speaking up in person for offshore wind--a source of clean energy that is critical for fighting climate change.

Success! Loons Protected from Toxic Mercury
First-ever limits on mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants were finalized after a decade of hard work and advocacy by over 38,000 supporters like you.

Wildlife Victory! BP Fines Must Help Restore Gulf
More than two years into the worst oil disaster in U.S. history, Congress passed the RESTORE Act today, which ensures that money from BP's oil spill fines will be dedicated to Gulf Coast restoration.

Divide and Conquer: Oil Polluters Ambush the US
Divide and conquer. It's an age-old strategy and one Big Oil is using to bring dirty tar sands oil through America to ports where it can be shipped overseas.

Raising over $400 for Wildlife, One Critter at a Time
By asking his friends and family to give "$5 for the Little Critters," Jared Polivka recently raised over $400 dollars in the fight for wildlife in only 12 days.

Final Chance to Speak Up for Polar Bears
In the last few months, almost 2 million people like you made history with the strength of your support for limiting the carbon pollution that drives global warming and harms polar bears' future.

"Border Bill" Puts Wildlife and Public Land at Risk
This week, the House of Representatives will vote on a package of public lands bills, including one highly controversial bill introduced by Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) that puts wildlife and wildlife habitat near our country's borders in jeopardy.

Senator Inhofe Puts Polluters Ahead of Oklahoma Lakes
More than 900,000 Americans have called on the Environmental Protection Agency to issue long overdue standards for reducing toxic mercury pollution. Add your voice to protect rivers, lakes and wildlife--including the common loon.

A Packed House in Seattle Speaks Out Against Pebble Mine
Hundreds show their support for protecting the wildlife and waters of Alaska.

Farm Bill Loophole Threatens America's Waters and Wildlife
Unless members of Congress who care about protecting habitat and saving wetlands step up to fix the legislation, decades of conservation achievements could get wiped out--harming wildlife including the northern pintail duck.

Join Us on Facebook to Help Protect Polar Bears and More!
Great news! One of our supporters has offered to donate $1 to National Wildlife Federation Action Fund for every new person who "likes" us on Facebook--up to $5,000--through midnight this Friday!

"Black Out, Speak Out" for Wildlife
On June 4, groups across the United States and Canada are blacking out their websites to demonstrate that concerns about tar sands will not be silenced.

Over 28,000 Voices Strong in the Fight for Wolves
Wildlife advocates ramp up the pressure to stop the dangerous Keystone XL pipeline.

Activist Speaks Up for Polar Bears at EPA Hearing
Jennie Gosche advocates for wildlife by testifying in support of limits on carbon from coal-fired power plants and sharing her photography of polar bears in the Hudson Bay.

VIDEO: Five Voices for Protecting Arctic Wildlife
Outdoor enthusiasts share their stories about why protecting wildlife habitat in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is important to them.

Steelhead Trout and Lake Erie Streams at Risk in Ohio
Despite the importance of small streams and rivers to steelhead trout, the Ohio State Senate is considering legislation that may harm Lake Erie and its vital streams and rivers.

Showing Support for Wildlife-Friendly Offshore Wind
Wildlife advocates in Massachusetts have a chance to speak up in person for sea turtles and other wildlife that depend on us making the switch to clean energy.

VIDEO: Poisoning Wolves to Pad Big Oil's Profits
A powerful new video from our friends at DeSmogBlog documents the senseless and cruel killing of wolves in Canada in order to conceal the impacts of booming oil and gas development on woodland caribou.

New TV Ad Supports Clean Air for People and Wildlife
A new television ad paid for by NWF Action Fund is airing across the Midwest on the need for clean air to protect polar bears and wildlife, as well as our health. Watch the ad today.

Share a Photo to Help Connect the Dots on Climate
Changes in extreme weather caused by global warming is harming wildlife across the country. Help connect the dots for the media, our legislators and friends.

Help Deliver Half a Million Messages for Polar Bears
Help us meet our goal of hand-delivering 500,000 messages to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by Friday in support of limits on carbon pollution.

Marylanders Gather in Support of Offshore Wind
Wildlife advocates in Maryland joined with hundreds of offshore wind supporters to make history.

Showing Up for Wildlife
When Randy Hammer received a phone call letting her know about an important public hearing to show support for offshore wind, she went.

Video: Student Leader Talks Conservation & Generation Y
Deji Akinpelu leads his peers in the conservation movement, and shares his view on the most critical work for his generation.

Video: Advocates Speak up for the Great Lakes on Capitol Hill
Over 100 advocates from Great Lakes states traveled to Washington, D.C. to speak up for restoring the Great Lakes and stopping Asian carp from wreaking havoc on Great Lakes wildlife.

Three Victories for Wildlife Against Big Oil!
The U.S. Senate passes a bipartisan transportation package that has tremendous impacts for America's wildlife.

How an Oil Spill Transformed One Woman's Life
Susan Connolly is a busy working mom of two young children, but when the Enbridge oil spill happened right in her community, she could not stand by.

24 Hour Push to Save Wolves from Dirty Oil
Wildlife advocates join over 800,000 Americans demanding that Congress stop the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

House Giveaway to Big Oil Jeopardizes America's Wildlife
Bill would open up millions of acres of protected offshore federal waters and sell off 400,000 acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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