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Keep Saying NO to Keystone and YES to Wildlife
Wildlife from caribou to swift fox to whooping cranes just won big. President Obama vetoed the dangerous Keystone XL oil pipeline bill. Thank the President for protecting wildlife!
Protect Caribou from Tar Sands Destruction
Right now, woodland caribou in Alberta are at risk from massive tar sands oil expansion destroying crucial habitat. Take action to help safeguard caribou! Urge President Obama and Secretary Kerry to say no to the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline.
Stop the Threat to Orcas from Dirty Coal
Endangered orca whales in the Northwest are threatened by toxic pollution and habitat loss. Now more coal pollution jeopardizes their survival. Take action to protect Northwest orcas by urging federal and state agencies to stop a dirty coal terminal.
Don't Let Northern Moose Disappear
Moose are disappearing in northern Minnesota as average temperatures creep up. Help protect moose and more species that love the cold weather--don't let polluters undermine climate action.
Protect Sea Turtles in the Atlantic
Endangered loggerhead sea turtles depend on us stopping climate change and one solution, clean energy from offshore wind, is waiting for us off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Speak up for sea turtles by showing your support for offshore wind energy.

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