Our Climate


Moose photo by Chase Dekker


Keep the Momentum Going: Protect Wildlife from Oil and Gas Methane Pollution
Thank you to the Bureau of Land Management for taking a big step to cut methane waste from publicly-owned oil and gas wells! Less waste will mean less climate pollution that threatens pronghorn.
President Trump: Stand with Wildlife!
Send a message to President Trump to let him know that you support a strong wildlife conservation agenda.
Safeguard Sea Turtles with Economy-Wide Carbon Cuts
Endangered sea turtles are already feeling the impacts of climate change as sea-level rise threatens their nesting beaches. It's time to cut carbon pollution, which is the leading cause of climate change. Take action for economy-wide carbon reductions!
Speak up for Massachusetts Offshore Wind Power
The Baker Administration signed into law a commitment to 1,600 MW of offshore wind power last year. We are generating grassroots comments via this petition to demonstrate a public call for swift, large-scale, responsible offshore wind development.
Stop drastic budget cuts that devastate wildlife habitat
The President's proposed budget would drastically cut conservation and environmental programs, putting our wildlife at even greater risk.
Wildlife Deserve a Strong Climate Plan
Send a message now to leaders in Washington, opposing efforts to rollback programs that address climate change, and demand a strong plan to protect wildlife, clean air and clear water.

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