Our Climate




Forever Protection for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Despite its magnificence and importance, the Coastal Plain -- the biological heart of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- is at serious risk from oil and gas exploitation. Help keep these wild lands forever protected. Take action.
Lend Your Voice for Wildlife and Climate Action
Wildlife wins with President Obama's Clean Power Plan. Don't let members of Congress attack or halt this landmark climate action!
Orcas can't defend themselves from coal, but YOU CAN!
If built, the Gateway Pacific Terminal would send staggering quantities of dirty coal through Puget Sound, poisoning an entire marine ecosystem for decades and wreak havoc on orca habitat. Stand up for orcas by signing this petition today.
Protect Caribou from Tar Sands Destruction
Right now, woodland caribou in Alberta are at risk from massive tar sands oil expansion destroying crucial habitat. Take action to help safeguard caribou! Urge President Obama and Secretary Kerry to say no to the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline.
Protect Pronghorn. Support Limits on Drilling.
The EPA's proposed new methane pollution limits will protect wildlife habitat from smog AND curb the rampant methane pollution fueling climate change. Show your support before the public comment period ends Dec. 4.
Stop the Threat to Orcas from Dirty Coal
Endangered orca whales in the Northwest are threatened by toxic pollution and habitat loss. Now more coal pollution jeopardizes their survival. Take action to protect Northwest orcas by urging federal and state agencies to stop a dirty coal terminal.

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