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Moose photo by Chase Dekker


Act Now to Stop More Carbon Pollution and Protect Wildlife
TAKE ACTION: Submit a comment to the Environmental Protection Agency opposing the proposal to roll back carbon pollution limits on new and modified power plants.
Congress: Step Up and Lead on Climate Action
President Trump's efforts to abandon climate measures makes it more urgent than ever to call on Congress for legislative solutions to address a changing climate. Take action!
Keep All Climate Solutions on the Table for Wildlife
Rising sea levels are erasing nesting beaches that endangered sea turtles depend on. Yet, some in Congress are attempting to block solutions that will reduce carbon pollution--the leading cause of climate change and related sea-level rise. Speak out now!
Protect the Bobolink, Fix the Ethanol Mandate
The federal mandate to blend ethanol into our gasoline has been a disaster for wildlife species--encouraging and subsidizing the destruction of native prairie habitat. Take action!
Safeguard Sea Turtles with Economy-Wide Carbon Cuts
Endangered sea turtles are already feeling the impacts of climate change as sea-level rise threatens their nesting beaches. It's time to cut carbon pollution, which is the leading cause of climate change. Take action for economy-wide carbon reductions!
Speak Out for Wildlife, People and a Safe Climate
Tell the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that NOW is the time to talk about climate and act to address a changing climate that's driving increasingly severe weather, more intense wildfires, and worsening flooding.
Support the Expansion of Atlantic Offshore Wind Power
The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has issued a Request for Feedback on the prospect of identifying new areas in the Atlantic Ocean for offshore wind energy development.
Wildlife Deserve a Strong Climate Plan
Send a message now to leaders in Washington, opposing efforts to rollback programs that address climate change, and demand a strong plan to protect wildlife, clean air and clear water.

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