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Add Your Voice for California Mountain Lions
Mountain lions in southern California are trapped by multilane freeways that cut through their mountain habitat near the Santa Monica Mountains. Add your voice today to help create a wildlife crossing.
Help Bighorn Sheep Survive
Bighorn sheep who make their home in the mountains running through Idaho and Montana are at risk if they catch deadly diseases transmitted by domestic sheep. Help protect bighorns by speaking out to stop domestic sheep from grazing in bighorn habitat.
Help Stop the Destruction of Monarch Habitat
Native grasslands that monarch butterflies depend on for milkweed and nectar plants are rapidly disappearing -- with thousands of acres being plowed up every year to make way for cropland. Take action today!
It's Not Over for Wildlife. Tell BP to Restore the Gulf
Five years after BP's Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and spewed millions of gallons of toxic oil into the Gulf of Mexico, wildlife are still struggling. Take action today!
Protect Belted Kingfishers from Pollution
Belted Kingfishers feeding on fish within the Ohio River watershed are threatened by deadly mercury pollution. Take action to protect Belted Kingfishers today!
Protect Loon Habitat from Dirty Oil Spills
Common loon are threatened by the risks of tar sands oil spills in the Great Lakes region. Help protect common loon by speaking out against a backroom deal allowing tar sands expansion in the Great Lakes.
Protect Mule Deer from Habitat Destruction
Mule deer are threatened by the expansion of coal mining on public lands across our western landscape. Take action to urge the Department of the Interior to stop subsidizing coal mining that destroys vital mule deer habitat!
Protect Pronghorn Habitat
Pronghorn in the West are threatened by methane pollution from oil and gas development. Help protect pronghorn by urging the Environmental Protection Agency to rein in methane pollution.
Protect Threatened Caribou, Stop Keystone XL
Congress is again poised to try to force approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. This reckless project would be utterly devastating for threatened woodland caribou in Alberta, Canada. Tell President Obama to stop this dirty pipeline.
Victory! Browns Canyon Protected
Success for wildlife! Thank President Obama for making Browns Canyon our next national monument.
Help Prevent Red Wolf Extinction
Red wolves are an endangered species. But right now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service might terminate the highly successful Red Wolf Recovery Program with limited public input. Tell the USFWS to keep the red wolf recovery program intact!
Protect Native Grasslands for Monarchs
Monarch butterflies depend on milkweed that grows in native grasslands, but this habitat is disappearing off our landscape. New protections could help stem the loss of native grasslands, but loopholes threaten this crucial habitat. Act today!

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