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Mountain Lion photo by US National Park Service


Add Your Voice for California Mountain Lions
Mountain lions in southern California are trapped by multi-lane freeways that cut through their mountain habitat near the Santa Monica Mountains. Add your voice today in support for creating a wildlife crossing.
Call to Action: Speak Out for Endangered Orca
Please add your name to this letter urging the federal government to say NO to salmon-killing dams and YES to orca.
Defend Bald Eagle Habitat along the Mississippi River
We can help at-risk bald eagles by urging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to stop constructing harmful river structures in the middle section of the Mississippi River to help reduce harm to bald eagles' habitat. Please take action!
Don't Let Monarch Butterflies Pay the Price for Renewable Fuels
Growing corn for ethanol has already caused the destruction of huge swaths of grassland habitat that vulnerable monarch butterflies depend on for survival. Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to defend, not destroy monarch habitat!
Help Stop the Destruction of Monarch Habitat
Native grasslands that monarch butterflies depend on for milkweed and nectar plants are rapidly disappearing -- with thousands of acres being plowed up every year to make way for cropland. Take action today!
Keep Speaking Out for Yellowstone Bison
The current ship to slaughter program at Yellowstone puts hundreds of wild bison at risk as they wander out of the park in winter months. Tell Yellowstone officials to approve the plan to relocate captured bison to the Fort Peck Reservation.
President Trump: Stand with Wildlife!
Add your name to our petition to President Trump and make sure he knows that you support a strong wildlife conservation agenda.
Protect Wildlife, Oppose Climate Rollbacks
Send a message now to your Senators and Representative to oppose any rollback in measures that address climate change, or the legal authority of the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies to protect us and wildlife from harm.
Safeguard Sea Turtles with Economy-Wide Carbon Cuts
Endangered sea turtles are already feeling the impacts of climate change as sea-level rise threatens their nesting beaches. It's time to cut carbon pollution, which is the leading cause of climate change. Take action for economy-wide carbon reductions!
Save America's Wildlife
Tell your members of Congress that wildlife conservation is important to you, and urge them to support the Recovering America's Wildlife Act of 2016.
Save the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
Florida's second largest national wildlife refuge, the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, is about to be abolished. Please act TODAY to save this special place by sending a message to Florida Governor Scott.
Save the Monarch Butterfly's Winter Home
The monarch buttefly's winter home in Mexico is threatened by a dirty mining operation. Please speak out to help save this winter habitat that is crucial for their survival!
Say NO to Destroying Egret Habitat
A proposed project will destroy more than 50,000 acres of Mississippi River wetlands that great egrets and countless other wildlife depend on! Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to veto the project and #StoptheLevee!
Stop the Loss of National Parks, Forests, Monuments & Wildlife Refuges
Congress took a step to "dispose" of wild public lands that wildlife depend on and is pushing to rollback protections put in place by Republican and Democratic presidents for millions of acres of pristine lands and ocean landscapes. Please act.
Stop the Super-Pollutant Threat to Pronghorn!
Take action now: Tell your members of Congress to keep the methane pollution rules and protect pronghorn!
This Bill Saves Wildlife in Peril. Urge Congress to Support It.
Tell your members of congress that monarch butterflies and wildlife conservation are important to you, urge them to support bills like the Recovering America's Wildlife Act.
Wildlife Refuge and Crucial Habitat Saved
Thank Congress for safeguarding the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge in Puerto Rico, home to endangered green sea turtle habitat, from being sold-off the highest bidder.
Help Wild Bison Roam Free
Wild bison need and deserve to return to their native grasslands in Montana, but it won't happen without the voices of wildlife defenders like you. Speak out for wild bison!
Help Wildlife Along the Atlantic Coast
Help protect an important food source for wildlife along the Atlantic coast from ospreys to humpback whales - the menhaden fish.
Speak Out for Grizzly Bear Restoration in the North Cascades
Voice your support for restoring a healthy population of grizzly bears to the North Cascades, their home for thousands of years. Wherever grizzlies thrive, so does wildness, clean water, and abundant native fish and wildlife.

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