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Add Your Voice for California Mountain Lions
Mountain lions in southern California are trapped by multilane freeways that cut through their mountain habitat near the Santa Monica Mountains. Add your voice today to help create a wildlife crossing.
Defend Imperiled Sage Grouse
Speak out for greater sage-grouse -- defend conservation of their sagebrush steppe habitat.
Fight for Sea Turtles in the Gulf
Speak up in support of endangered sea turtles that were harmed by the BP oil spill.
Forever Protection for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Despite its magnificence and importance, the Coastal Plain -- the biological heart of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- is at serious risk from oil and gas exploitation. Help keep these wild lands forever protected. Take action.
Help Stop the Destruction of Monarch Habitat
Native grasslands that monarch butterflies depend on for milkweed and nectar plants are rapidly disappearing -- with thousands of acres being plowed up every year to make way for cropland. Take action today!
Protect Ospreys from Toxic Chemicals
Osprey are plagued by toxic substances -- including chemicals in flame retardants, cleaning products, and plastics -- that pollute waters and accumulate in fish. Speak up for ospreys in support of reforming and strengthening toxic chemicals laws.
Protect Whales with Responsible Clean Energy Development
Help protect threatened marine wildlife from climate change! TELL THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION: Support the responsible development of Atlantic offshore wind power.
Save Flying Squirrel's Native Forest Habitat
The flying squirrel's forest habitat could be clear-cut and shipped to Europe as "renewable" energy. Tell the European Commission to stop burning American forests.
Stop the Slide Toward Extinction
Save wildlife from becoming endangered. Speak out for conservation funding.
TELL CONGRESS: Don't Mess With Success
Greater sage-grouse populations have plummeted, and unless urgent steps are taken to conserve remaining habitat they face extinction. Tell President Obama to strengthen the Bureau of Land Management's inadequate sage-grouse conservation plans.
TELL CONGRESS: Pass Toxic Chemical Reform Now
Act now to stop dangerous chemicals from poisoning wildlife like osprey.
Tell Congress: Protect Monarch Butterfly Habitat
Millions of acres of crucial habitat for monarchs and other wildlife have been lost in just the past few years alone. Tell Congress to support programs that protect and restore monarch's prairie grassland habitat.
Thank President Obama for Saying NO to Keystone and YES to Wildlife
Wildlife from caribou to swift fox to whooping cranes were threatened by the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Thank President Obama for saying YES to wildlife and NO to Keystone!
Wildlife Refuge and Crucial Habitat Saved
Thank Congress for safeguarding the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge in Puerto Rico, home to endangered green sea turtle habitat, from being sold-off the highest bidder.
Help Wild Bison Roam Free
Wild bison need and deserve to return to their native grasslands in Montana, but it won't happen without the voices of wildlife defenders like you. Speak out for wild bison!

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