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Mountain Lion photo by US National Park Service


Act to Save Wildlife in Crisis
More than 150 species of wildlife in the U.S. have already gone extinct. And right now there are thousands of species at risk that urgently need help. Tell your representative in Congress to support the Recovering America's Wildlife Act!
Bring Bison Back to Their Ancestral Home
Sign the petition to support restoring thousands of wild bison to millions of acres of native prairie habitat on tribal lands.
Don't Let Congress Halt Grizzly Bear Recovery
An amendment to block the funding needed to complete a vital step in returning grizzly bears to their native habitat threatens conservation efforts. Tell Congress to vote NO on the Newhouse Amendment.
Fight the Wildlife "Zombie" Disease!
A fatal, incurable wildlife disease is turning deer, elk, and moose into wandering, listless, zombie like versions of themselves. Tell Congress to pass legislation that will help stop the spread of this deadly wildlife disease!
Flying Squirrels and Healthy Forests Need Your Voice
Ask your senator to stand up and speak out for dedicated funding for the Recovering America's Wildlife Act during tomorrow's hearing.
Help protect America's sea turtles!
Help protect America's sea turtles! Sea turtles in the United States need protection from poaching, wildlife trade, and habitat loss. Tell Congress to pass the WILD Act to protect this incredible species.
Pledge to Cast Your Ballot for Denver's Birds
As a Denver voter who cares about wildlife and the outdoors in my city, I pledge to vote YES on measure 2A. I urge you to join me in voting for Denver's wildlife, parks and people.
Pledge to Support Pollinators
Take the pledge for pollinators. Whether it's planting pollinator-friendly native plants, avoiding the use of pesticides, or urging elected officials to stop the use of harmful pesticides in our communities, there's a lot you can do!
Pledge YES to Vote for California Wildlife
Treasured California open spaces, rivers and streams, Redwood forests and coastlines, beaches and bays need to be restored and conserved. Take action for California's natural resources and wildlife--sign the pledge to vote YES on Proposition 68!
Protect America's Duck Factory from Destruction
TAKE ACTION: Tell the Department of Agriculture to change course on subsidizing destruction of the wetlands breeding grounds majority of the continent's waterfowl depend upon!
Protect Coastal Wildlife by Opposing More Offshore Drilling
Speak out for sea otters and other marine species at risk from massive oil spills. Oppose plans for offshore oil and gas drilling in virtually all of the waters along our Pacific and Atlantic coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.
Protect Moose from Toxic Sulfide Ore Mining
TAKE ACTION: Tell the Bureau of Land Management to protect moose and the Boundary Waters watershed by stopping mineral leasing in Superior National Forest.
Protect Unspoiled Moose Habitat
Permits for a dangerous sulfide-ore mine next to the 1.1 million acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness have been denied. Please urge your members of Congress to protect this irreplaceable wildlife habitat from future mining or industrial activities!
Protect Whooping Crane Habitat from Taxpayer-Funded Destruction
TAKE ACTION: Tell the Department of Agriculture to change course on subsidizing destruction of the whooping crane's wetlands habitat.
Protect Yellowstone's Grizzly Bears from Mining
Yellowstone's northern entrance is being explored for mining by foreign mineral extraction companies. Tell your senators to protect this irreplaceable habitat for grizzlies and other Yellowstone wildlife!
Safeguard Sea Turtles with Economy-Wide Carbon Cuts
Endangered sea turtles are already feeling the impacts of climate change as sea-level rise threatens their nesting beaches. It's time to cut carbon pollution, which is the leading cause of climate change. Take action for economy-wide carbon reductions!
Save the Monarch Butterfly's Winter Home
The monarch buttefly's winter home in Mexico is threatened by a dirty mining operation. Please speak out to help save this winter habitat that is crucial for their survival!
Save Wild Public Lands for New England Cottontails
The native New England cottontail rabbit is in trouble! Take action today to help save crucial cottontail habitat on state-owned public lands.
Speak Out for Bighorns and Wild Public Lands
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is home to vital lambing habitat for desert bighorn sheep--that could be opened to development and coal mining if the Department of the Interior moves forward with proposed plans. Take action!
Speak Out for Puffins
Declining populations of herring off the New England coast spells trouble for puffins, whose survival was recently shown to be strongly linked to healthy populations of this tiny fish. Please take action!
Speak Out for the Great Lakes
Help protect the Great Lakes! Urge Michigan state legislators to oppose SB 1197 & any attempt to saddle Michigan taxpayers with any part of the cost for Enbridge Energy's Line 5 tunnel scheme.
Speak Out to Protect Western Meadowlark Habitat
Speak out to protect western meadowlark habitat! Please help ensure that the 2018 Farm Bill protects native prairies by urging your members of Congress to cosponsor the American Prairie Conservation Act (S. 1912 and H.R. 3939).
Stand Up for Wolves and Other Wildlife
Congress is taking steps to remove gray wolves, nationwide, from the Endangered Species List. Tell your senators to stop this attack on the Endangered Species Act!
Stop the Destruction of Monarch Butterfly Habitat
Growing corn for ethanol has caused the loss of huge swaths of grassland habitat--and plowed under millions of acres of wild milkweed plants that monarch caterpillars must have survive. Add your voice to stop the destruction of monarch butterfly habitat.
Stop the Needless Slaughter of Wild Bison
The current ship-to-slaughter program at Yellowstone National Park puts hundreds of wild bison at risk. There's a better way. Please speak out!
Take a Stand for Bighorns and Bears Ears
Utah's most endangered bighorn herd resides in the Abajo Mountains within the boundaries of the former Bears Ears National Monument. Speak out to protect this crucial habitat from mining and destruction!
Take Action for hunting, fishing and public lands
A crucial vote is about to take place in Congress that would ensure our special wild places--and the fish and wildlife that call them home--will still thrive in a rapidly changing world. Speak out for our sporting and outdoor heritage.
Take Action for Migratory Birds
The Migratory Bird Treaty Act will be gutted unless we act. The Act currently protects 1,000 bird species from intentional and preventable harm, such as oil spills, poorly placed transmission lines, and other actions that result in bird deaths. Speak out!
Take Action for Monarchs
Populations of the monarch butterfly have fallen off by an estimated 90 percent in the last two decades. But the Recovering America's Wildlife Act will help reverse these declines. Urge your representative to support it!
Take Action for MonarchButterflies, Swift Fox+ Other Species
When species like monarch butterflies and swift fox are under threat, we take action. Join us.
Take Action for Wildlife Threatened by a Border Wall
Endangered jaguars and more than 100 other vulnerable wildlife species in the Southwest are threatened by a border wall. Join us in calling for a better solution. TAKE ACTION.
Take Action to Help Monarch Butterflies
Monarch populations plummeted almost 90% in 20 years due to habitat loss. Tell your representative in Congress to help save the monarch butterfly by supporting the Recovering America's Wildlife Act before it's too late!
TAKE ACTION: Protect the Great Lakes from Asian Carp
Tell the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers you support their plan to stop Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes.
TAKE ACTION: Protect the Great Lakes from Asian Carp
Tell the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers you support their plan to stop Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes.
Tell Congress to Keep Saving the Special Places We Share with Wildlife
Congress must step up before September 30th to continue the program that saves and protects our wildlife and the parks and wild lands they call home. Please speak out!
Tell Congress to Vote for People, Places and Wildlife
Urge a YES vote for reviving the program that has protected and supported more than 40,000 state and local parks and over two million acres of wild lands that nurture and sustain hundreds of our treasured wildlife species.
Tell Congress: NO attacks on our wild national monuments!
Some members in Congress are taking steps to aid actions that will plunder our wild national monuments--and imperil the fate of wildlife throughout the United States. Please TAKE ACTION.
Tell Congress: Vote YES for a Wildlife-Friendly Farm Bill
TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to pass the wildlife-friendly 2018 Farm Bill that helps farmers protect habitat for blue-winged teals, swift fox, and other prairie species.
Tell Governor Inslee to Protect Endangered Orca and Salmon
Only 74 Southern Resident orca remain in the Salish Sea. Washington Governor Jay Inslee can take the right steps to save and restore these endangered orca. Please tell him to take action today!
Tell Your Members of Congress to be Champions for Wildlife
With a new Congress comes a renewed chance to save America's vulnerable wildlife and stop the destruction of our wild public lands, healthy waterways and a stable climate. Tell your members of Congress to be wildlife champions in 2019!
This Bill Saves Wildlife in Crisis. Urge Congress to Support It.
You can do something today to help wildlife in crisis. Urge your members of Congress to support the Recovering America's Wildlife Act.
Urgent: Irreplaceable habitat for mule deer and other wildlife at risk.
The sagebrush sea, a place countless wildlife depend on, is at risk. Plans to protect this irreplaceable landscape, home to mule deer, pronghorn, elk and the greater sage-grouse are in peril. Take action to save plans to keep sagebrush country intact!
Vote to Save Wildlife This Year
Bison and all wildlife can't vote, but we can. On November 6th, I'm going to make choices that will help wildlife and conservation. I urge you to find out more so you can too!
Stand Up for Wildlife and the Endangered Species Act
Under the Endangered Species Act, many animals have been saved from extinction.

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