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Mountain Lion photo by US National Park Service


Act to Save Wildlife in Crisis
More than 150 species of wildlife in the U.S. have already gone extinct. And right now there are thousands of species at risk that urgently need help. Tell your representative in Congress to support the Recovering America's Wildlife Act!
Add Your Voice for California Mountain Lions
Mountain lions in southern California are trapped by multi-lane freeways that cut through their mountain habitat near the Santa Monica Mountains. Add your voice today in support for creating a wildlife crossing.
Bring Bison Back to Their Ancestral Home
Sign the petition to support restoring thousands of wild bison to millions of acres of native prairie habitat on tribal lands.
Fight for Programs That Will Help Us Defend Against Weather Disasters
Wildlife and communities will fare better in future weather disasters if nature-based hurricane defenses and flood-prevention measures are a pillar for rebuilding now and in the future. Speak out today!
Help protect pronghorn from methane pollution.
An important safeguard to protect pronghorn and other wildlife from oil and gas industry methane pollution is being rolled back and replaced with a much weaker version. Please speak out today.
Make Some Monumental Noise for Wildlife
Special interests and their allies in Congress are urging the Trump administration to remove protections from millions of acres of wild public lands and waters. Please take action.
Menhaden are the most important fish in the sea
Menhaden have been called the most important fish in the sea speak up for and important source of nutrition for whales and osprey.
Pledge to Support Pollinators
Take the pledge for pollinators. Whether it's planting pollinator-friendly native plants, avoiding the use of pesticides, or urging elected officials to stop the use of harmful pesticides in our communities, there's a lot you can do!
Protect Coastal Wildlife by Opposing More Offshore Drilling
Speak out for sea otters and other marine species at risk from massive oil spills. Oppose plans for offshore oil and gas drilling in virtually all of the waters along our Pacific and Atlantic coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.
Protect Desert Tortoise: Tell the Bureau of Land Management not
Wildlife like desert tortoise are on the front lines of a changing climate. We need clean energy to reduce emissions, but this needs to be in a way that is safe for wildlife. Protect the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan! Take action.
Protect Ohio River Kingfisher Habitat
ORSANCO commissioners want to eliminate Pollution Control Standards for the Ohio River America's most polluted river. Take action to protect the Ohio River today!
Protect Polar Bears from Drilling
A backroom deal added a provision into the tax bill to allow oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge--a move that would devastate polar bear denning areas and expose all Arctic wildlife to more oil disasters. Please take action!
Protect pronghorn: speak out to stop methane pollution!
Speak out for pronghorn to KEEP protections against dangerous oil and gas methane waste on public lands in place! Reject the new weak rule the Department of Interior proposed on behalf of oil and gas interests!
Protect Unspoiled Moose Habitat
Permits for a dangerous sulfide-ore mine next to the 1.1 million acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness have been denied. Please urge your members of Congress to protect this irreplaceable wildlife habitat from future mining or industrial activities!
Protect wildlife: speak out to address the threat of megafires.
The threat of giant megafires is growing. Vulnerable wildlife--including elusive Pacific fisher that depend on forest cover--need our help. Tell Congress to pass the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act!
Protect Yellowstone's Grizzly Bears from Mining
Yellowstone's northern entrance is being explored for mining by foreign mineral extraction companies. Tell your senators to protect this irreplaceable habitat for grizzlies and other Yellowstone wildlife!
Safeguard Sea Turtles with Economy-Wide Carbon Cuts
Endangered sea turtles are already feeling the impacts of climate change as sea-level rise threatens their nesting beaches. It's time to cut carbon pollution, which is the leading cause of climate change. Take action for economy-wide carbon reductions!
Save the Monarch Butterfly's Winter Home
The monarch buttefly's winter home in Mexico is threatened by a dirty mining operation. Please speak out to help save this winter habitat that is crucial for their survival!
Save Wild Public Lands for New England Cottontails
The native New England cottontail rabbit is in trouble! Take action today to help save crucial cottontail habitat on state-owned public lands.
Say No to a New Threat to Wildlife.
Stop Congress from making it impossible to establish new protections for clean air, clean water, and wildlife like the Rusty-patched bumblebee. Take action and say NO to the Regulatory Accountability Act, a new threat our health and safety.
Speak Out for Grizzly Bear Habitat
Protect the grizzly bear! Tell your senator to protect vital forests in western Montana by supporting the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act.
Speak Out for Mule Deer Habitat
Removing habitat protections provided by Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments could be devastating for Utah's mule deer herds. Right now, some members of Congress are trying to do just that. Please take action.
Speak Out to Protect Western Meadowlark Habitat
Speak out to protect western meadowlark habitat! Please help ensure that the 2018 Farm Bill protects native prairies by urging your members of Congress to cosponsor the American Prairie Conservation Act (S. 1912 and H.R. 3939).
Speak Out to Stop Cuts to Wildlife Conservation
Both the House and the Senate are debating our nation's finances for 2018. Urge your members of Congress to stand up for wildlife by saying NO to cuts in conservation funding, and NO to anti-environmental riders.
Stand Up for Elk Today
Newly proposed legislation just put hundreds of thousands of acres of untouched elk habitat in jeopardy. Tell your representative in Congress to oppose efforts to remove vital protections for wild public lands!
Stand Up for Elk Today
Newly proposed legislation just put hundreds of thousands of acres of untouched elk habitat in jeopardy. Tell your representative in Congress to oppose efforts to remove vital protections for wild public lands!
Stop the Destruction of Monarch Butterfly Habitat
Growing corn for ethanol has caused the loss of huge swaths of grassland habitat--and plowed under millions of acres of wild milkweed plants that monarch caterpillars must have survive. Add your voice to stop the destruction of monarch butterfly habitat.
Stop the Needless Slaughter of Wild Bison
The current ship-to-slaughter program at Yellowstone National Park puts hundreds of wild bison at risk. There's a better way. Please speak out!
Take Action for Monarch Butterflies, Swift Fox + Other Species
When species like monarch butterflies and swift fox are under threat, we take action. Join us.
Take Action to Help Monarch Butterflies
Monarch populations plummeted almost 90% in 20 years due to habitat loss. Tell your representative in Congress to be the monarch butterfly's Valentine by supporting the life-giving Recovering America's Wildlife Act before it's too late!
Tell Congress: NO attacks on our wild national monuments!
Some members in Congress are taking steps to aid actions that will plunder our wild national monuments--and imperil the fate of wildlife throughout the United States. Please TAKE ACTION.
Tell President Trump to Reject Actions that Harm Wildlife
The Department of the Interior has recommended that President Trump shrink safeguards across millions of acres of our wild national monuments to allow for activities like coal mining, unwise logging, and commercial fishing. Tell President Trump to say no.
This Bill Saves Wildlife in Crisis. Urge Congress to Support It.
You can do something today to help wildlife in crisis. Urge your members of Congress to support the Recovering America's Wildlife Act.
Urgent: Irreplaceable habitat for mule deer and other wildlife at risk.
The sagebrush sea, a place countless wildlife depend on, is at risk. Plans to protect this irreplaceable landscape, home to mule deer, pronghorn, elk and the greater sage-grouse are in peril. Take action to save plans to keep sagebrush country intact!
URGENT: Speak Out for Wild National Monuments
Tell President Trump NOT to cut safeguards for wildlife habitat across hundreds of thousands of acres in our wild national monuments.

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