Call Your Public Officials

Calling is a quick and effective way to influence your public officials. When public officials receive phone calls right before a vote, they know that the constituents they represent have strong feelings about the issue and are taking notice of how they vote.

When you call, you will have a chance to talk to a staff member or leave a message, saying who you are and what action you would like your public official to take.

Choose one of the action alerts in the Action Center and decide from that written message what you want to say to your public official. Usually, the subject line in the written message to your public official is the main point that you should communicate over the phone.

Make the Call:

  • Write down what you want to say ahead of time. Usually, you will say that you want your public official to support or oppose a specific policy, just like what is written in the action alert message.

  • Find your public officials' phone numbers:
    -U.S. Senators
    -U.S. Representatives
    -U.S. President: 202-456-1414
    -For state legislators or other public officials, you can find the phone number for their offices by visiting their website.

  • Introduce yourself and give your address, making clear that you live in the area represented by the public official. If you have any special credentials, state them.

  • Say why you are calling. Keep it simple and short. Only call about one issue at a time. Say exactly what issue or bill you want your member of Congress to support or oppose. You can also include one or two reasons why you think they should support or oppose a specific policy.

  • Thank the staff aide for their time.

  • Let us know you made a call by emailing us at

Now check out the Action Center for the latest take action and try out these tips.