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Our Favorite Haikus

Breathe deep “piney” woods
Brings memories of childhood
On my Dad’s shoulders
-Nora Byrd, Palmyra, VA

Duck billed, fur lined enigma.
What the @#%& are you?
-Claire Rush, Conowingo, MD

Frog’s night symphony
Fireflies’ light show spectacle
Evening harmony
-Blankenship, Snellville, GA

Daisies in the lawn
A carpet of pink and white
No! Not the mower
-Eileen Safford, Bainbridge Island, WA

Fingers of moonlight
Stream through tangled black branches
An owl turns its head
-Beth Lykins, Martinsville, IN

Small purple flowers
Wave on emerald hillsides
Laughing, I wave back!

A walk in spring rain
To refresh a tired soul
New hope is given
-Mary Ann Odell, Long Beach, CA

A snail leaves its trail
A butterfly leaves its dust
I leave my footprint
-Chris Chandler

Five little cocoons
Hanging upside down waiting
To try their wings out!
-Caitlyn Arteaga, Stockton, CA

Ancient valley oak
You knew my generation
May you long stand proud
-Mary Chaney, Seneca, SC

Nests cradled in trees
Sounds of distant bulldozers
Fly, baby birds, fly!
-Julia Woodend, Eads, TN

Birds, Mammals, Reptiles
Free entertainment awaits!
Go outside and see
-Cathy McCall, Spring, TX

The world is alive
What wondrous beauty it holds
If the heart will see

In the petal’s curl
A tiny snail is hidden
His secret and mine
-Rosemary Gilbert, San Francisco, CA

Tiny winged beauties
Bright as shimmering jewels
Hummingbirds in flight
-Arlene Maresca, Barnegat, NJ

The sky is so blue
We can’t keep on polluting
I too will be blue.
-CJ Rodrick, Hobart, IN

Seed, breaking surface
Striving to reach the bright light
Insatiable goal
-Paul Imperial, Pearl City, HI

Buds peek out in spring
Flowers bloom in warming sun
Beauty frames the earth
-Nancy Mroz, Kingston, NY

To see the wonder
Of nature through a child’s eyes
Nourishes my soul.
-Joanne Woolf, Tehachapi, CA

Our beautiful Earth
Please! Let us not destroy it
Green it for the kids
-Marlene Fraioli, Annapolis Junction, MD

The leaves of the tree
Sway back and forth in the warmth
Of a summer breeze
-Eric Lee, Waipahu, HI

My dog is a wolf
When he runs in the forest
Nature remembers
-Laura Endacott, Mill River, MA

Nestling flaps his wings
He hops to the edge and leaps
Sparrow learns to fly
-Scott Hair, age 8, Bradenton, FL

I find my refuge
In the company of trees
Nature sets me free

You nurture nature
And thankful that you noticed
Nature nurtures you
-Yvonne Haskins, Albuquerque, NM

A cicada waits
A monk for seventeen years
Will love be worth it?
-James Matthews, Coral Springs, FL

A turtle walks home
He lives inside my new house
I think he freeloads
-Mary Cruz, Houston, TX

Our Earth can not heal
Until we clean up her wounds
And wrap her in love
-Joanne Woolf, Tehachapi, CA

Each May on our beach
We await the arrival
Of ancient creatures


Backyard bird feeder
Haven for my feathered friends
Music to my ears!
-Jackie Hall, Lithia, FL

The doe and her fawn
Treading the green grass of spring
Softly disappear
-David T. Hoopes, Friday Harbor, WA

Vanishing coastlines
Ice retreating quickly now
One woman weeping
-Cathy Ball, Tarpon Springs, FL

Eagle chick hatching
DDT forgotten now
Recovered beauty
-Colleen H. Robbins, Joliet, IL

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