Protect Bison from Senseless Killings


Where they once numbered in the millions, today fewer than 5,000 wild bison roam their native habitats in the United States, most of which are confined to the protected lands of Yellowstone National Park.

And now, a series of extremist bills in the Montana state legislature is threatening the continuation of efforts that have been crucial to restoring wild bison in our country again.

Some of these dangerous anti-bison bills would even allow people to kill all wild bison that stray off of the lands that have currently been designated for their protection.

Continuing successful efforts to restore wild bison to their native habitat is possible if we can show Montana's governor the widespread public support for preventing this series of dangerous legislation from becoming law.

Right now, we’re mobilizing hundreds of thousands of wildlife advocates across the country to defend at-risk bison from these extremist bills.

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