• Speak Out for Wild, Public Lands

    Members of Congress have taken steps to "dispose" of wild public lands and open them up broadly for oil and gas development. Take action for our public lands and wildlife!

    Stop the loss of National Parks, Forests, Monuments and Wildlife Refuges.

    Bison grazing photo via PixabayTake Action.
  • Oppose Climate Rollbacks

    Crucial climate programs are being targeted by the Administration. Tell Congress to oppose any efforts to rollback programs that address climate change, and demand a real plan to protect wildlife, clean air and clear water.

    Wildlife deserve a strong climate plan.

    Green Sea Turtle photo via NOAATake Action.
  • Stop Super Pollutant Threat to Pronghorn

    Urge your Senators to vote NO on repealing the critical protections against dangerous oil and gas methane pollution.

    Tell your Senators to keep the methane pollution rules and protect wildlife!.

    PronghornTake Action.
  • Take Action for Mountain Lions

    ​​​In California, mountain lions attempting to cross heavily trafficked freeways that cut through their habitat are at risk.

    Help mountain lions and other wildlife who make their home in California's Santa Monica Mountains by adding your name in support of a wildlife crossing.

    Mountain Lion Take Action.


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