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2014 Ballot Initiatives

Alaska Bristol Bay Forever Initiative

Brown Bear

This initiative would require legislative approval and an environmental review for any mining projects in the watershed of the Bristol Bay Fisheries.

Background: Mining in Bristol Bay has been a source of controversy for a few years. Bristol Bay is the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery it is home to one third of the world’s sockeye salmon and is central to local residents’ and Alaska Natives’ way of life. The Bristol Bay Forever Initiative would require that legislative approval of any mining project be contingent upon a scientific review finding that the proposed mine does not constitute a danger to the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve.

If approved, this initiative will protect:

  • Irreplaceable sockeye salmon populations
  • Clean water in the Bristol Bay watershed
  • Alaska Natives’ way of life
  • 10,000 jobs related to the fisheries
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues for local communities, organizations, and the state

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2014 Ballot Initiatives

Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment

manateeThis initiative would require that 1/3 of the revenue from the existing Florida documentary stamp revenue from real estate transactions would be set aside only for conservation purposes.

Background: The Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment would amend the state constitution to allocate a portion of the existing documentary stamp tax to water and land conservation, management and restoration.  This is the same funding source that the state has used for conservation for the last two decades, but these funds have been diverted for other purposes since 2009. Florida has cut conservation spending by nearly 98%--less than one dollar per Floridian for water and land conservation. The measure will not increase taxes, nor will it increase state spending.

If passed, this measure will guarantee funding to:

  • Manage fish and wildlife habitat, protect forests and wetlands, and restore conservation lands that are an important part of Florida’s natural heritage, economy and quality of life;
  • Restore, manage and acquire lands necessary to protect  the water quality in Florida's rivers, lakes and streams;
  • Protect and restore the Everglades and other degraded natural systems and waterways;
  • Manage existing state and local natural areas, parks and trails for water supply, habitat and recreation.

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North Dakota Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks Amendment

Mule Deer

This amendment would dedicate a small portion of North Dakota’s existing oil and gas extraction taxes to create a conservation fund for the state.

Background: In recent years, North Dakota’s growing energy extraction industry has been a boon for the local economy, but has taken a serious toll on the local environment. The North Dakota Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks Amendment, if passed, would allocate 5% of the state’s existing oil and gas extraction tax revenue to the creation of a conservation fund to be overseen by a citizen advisory board alongside the Governor, Attorney General, and Agricultural Commissioner. The amendment will not increase taxes.

If the amendment is passed, funds will be invested in:

  • Protecting clean water in North Dakota's rivers, lakes and streams
  • Preserving unique natural areas like the Badlands and critical fish and wildlife habitats for future generations
  • Creating parks and other areas for outdoor recreation
  • Protecting communities and private property from flooding by improving natural flood controls
  • Providing more opportunities and places for children to learn about and enjoy the outdoors

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