Advocacy Toolkit


Stay up to date on our most pressing issues and find out how you can get involved!

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You can create positive change that helps protect wildlife and natural places for our children's future by using our toolkit to advocate for wildlife.

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Call Your Public Officials

Arctic foxPhone calls from people like you mean a lot to your public officials. And it only takes a minute!

We provide you with the phone numbers to call and pointers on what to say.

Call one of your public officials today!



Submit a Letter to the Editor

Bull frog
Letters to the editor are quick to write and are in the most widely read section of the newspaper.

Help spread the word in your community by writing a Letter to the Editor today.



Mail a Letter

A single hand-written letter can be worth a hundred emails. It's easier and faster than you think!

Use our letter writing tips and make your voice heard.


Spread the Word Online

White-breasted NuthatchShare information and opportunities to protect wildlife!

You can forward emails to your friends or post links to action alerts on Facebook and Twitter.

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Attend an Event

Events are great places to speak directly with public officials, meet fellow wildlife advocates and show your support for wildlife-friendly policies.

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Host a House Party

Mobilize your friends to take action and have fun while doing it! You could show a film about an important issue and discuss ways to take action, write letters, or make phone calls to legislators.

If you'd like to host a house party, please email us at and we can provide you with more information.