• Defend Monarch Habitat

    Add your voice to stop the destruction of native grasslands where wild milkweed grows and monarch must have to survive.

    Stop the destruction of native grasslands before it's too late.

    Monarch feeding photo by USFWSTake Action.
  • Act On a Changing Climate

    President Trump backed out and failed wildlife. Tell Congress to step up for wildlife and lead on climate action.

    President Trump failed wildlife, urge Congress to take the lead on climate.

    Caribou photo by Lindsay Kaye OhlertTake Action.
  • Water Habitats in Jeopardy

    Speak out against undoing clean water protections that are essential for protecting wildlife from pollution!

    Don't let safeguards for 20 million acres of wetlands and 2 million miles of streams and waters be undone!

    River otters photo via PixabayTake Action.
  • Take Action for Mountain Lions

    ​​​In California, mountain lions attempting to cross heavily trafficked freeways that cut through their habitat are at risk.

    Help mountain lions and other wildlife who make their home in California's Santa Monica Mountains by adding your name in support of a wildlife crossing.

    Mountain Lion Take Action.


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