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The Nature Deficit Problem

Today's children are the first American generation to grow up effectively isolated from nature. Outdoor recreation and exploration have been replaced by time spent indoors, in front of electronic screens.

Too many children know too little about the natural world. This nature deficit in their lives affects their physical and mental health, their creativity and ability to learn.


National Wildlife Federation's Plan

To connect people with nature, National Wildlife Federation has launched the Reversing Nature Deficit campaign. Through NWF programs and in partnership with education, health care, natural resources and other environmental organizations, we are working to confront the growing problem of nature deficit in America's children.

NWF is calling on parents and other caring adults to get involved by actively helping children spend time outdoors and by supporting necessary policy change to assure our children a safer, healthier future. >> Learn More

Take Action

Show Your Support for Getting Environmental Education
Back in America's Classrooms

Speak Up! We need to bring back environmental and outdoor education not only for the health of our children, but to ensure an environmentally literate citizenry that will help conserve the future of our natural world.

Sign the Petition asking Congress to pass the No Child Left Inside Act to help get environmental education back in America's classrooms.

Partner Organizations in Confronting Nature Deficit

American Recreation Coaltion

Children and Nature Network

National Recreation and Parks Association

Sierra Club

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Association of Children Museums

Recent News

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Featured Actions

Help Show Congress the widespread support for bringing environmental education back to America's classrooms.

Sign the Petition to help promote the benefits of outdoor time for all Americans.

Fact Sheets
"Green Education, Green Jobs, Green Schools" (pdf)

"Connecting Today's Kids With Nature" (pdf)

Get Involved at Home
Ensure that your children or grandchildren spend time outside every day. Not sure what they should do? Check out, NWF's online resource for parents and caregivers.

Reach Out to Take Action

You can help effect change in your community, state, and at the national level by becoming an advocate.